Benjamin Wellness Center
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Without adequate financial support, this ministry would not be possible. 


Financial support is needed for each of the following areas: 


·          Short-Term Trips: Our upcoming trip in January, 2011, will include running a medical camp, conducting public health education talks in local schools and churches, and assisting the local church with construction of their education building, which will be the starting site for our Gatamaiyu center. In additional to the actual cost of the trip, these funds will help purchase supplies needed to conduct the medical camp and related activities. 


·          Start-Up Expenses: Before we can open a center, we need to furnish the inside of our portion of the building with running water, a back-up source of electricity, and the necessary medical equipment and supplies. Some additional construction may also be required to accommodate such things as a secure storage area. The funds will provide the essential supplies and furnishings for a basic medical clinic. If these funds can be received prior to our January trip, we would be able to complete most of this work during that time. 


·          Monthly Support: Adequate, consistent support must be received before the center can open, as well. These funds will cover the normal operating expenses of the center, including the salaries for a clinical officer and assistant, the cost of consumable supplies, and equipment maintenance. We have begun the process of looking for qualified individuals who can run the medical center; as soon as both the start up funds and the monthly support are received, we would like to begin offering services to the community. 


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All donations will be applied directly to the establishment and support of the Benjamin Wellness Center.

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The Benjamin Wellness Center is an exciting new ministry being established in Kenya, East Africa